A Modern Alternative

Tired of using spreadsheets to keep track of your events? Look no further, Cue Manager is an easy and affordable way to keep track of your cues in the cloud! ☁️

Playback Audio Files

Incorporate audio playback into your run of show with custom audio functions per cue! 💿

Real-Time Cue Calling & Following

Keep track of where you are in your rundown and track where other users are in their rundowns, all in real-time! 🕑

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Tired of complex pricing schemes? We offer simple and affordable per-user pricing. No addons, no hidden fees, no surprises! 😍

Project Management

Keep track of Cue Sheets, Rundowns, Schedules, Checklists, Notes, and more all in one easy to use application! 💻


Make Schedules for each department, fast and easy! 📋


Do you have tasks and checklists that end up getting messy or even worse, misplaced? Keep track of your tasks in a simple checklist or make multiple checklists for different groups! ✔️


Invite guests into any of your company’s projects to build the elements of your next event together! 🌎

Made by Event Professionals

We here at Cue Manager have many years in the live event industry running and producing live events. We understand the challenges faced and produce solutions tailored to the industry and it’s common workflows to meet your needs!

Proven Cloud Technology

It’s important to use industry proven equipment, right? We believe software is no different. We use some of the most robust, proven technologies and solutions to build Cue Manager in order to make sure your show doesn’t miss a beat! 💪