Cue Sheets

Create unlimited cue sheets to build complex rundowns for your show.

Cue Calling & Following

Call cues and let others know which cue you are on at any given point in time or follow where others are!

Recall Cell History

Make a change to a cell by accident? You can recall previous edits to the cell!

Real-time Updates

See the changes other users make to your cue sheet in real-time.

Audio Player

Play audio directly from your cue sheets with the option to define start and stop times as well as fade-in and fade-out durations.

Export Project and Sheet Data

Export project and cue sheet data in several different Excel file formats.

Record Cue Calls

Record timestamps for every cue you call to reference durations later on.


Build productions schedules so your teams know what needs to get done where.


Create checklists to keep track of the tasks you need to complete.


Attach files to your projects so you can keep track of what’s important.

Document Templates

Create document templates to print a multitude of different reports within your project using Liquid Syntax, HTML and CSS. Additionally, you can limit who is able to print these documents.

Sheet Templates

Create templates from cue sheets and import them when creating new cue sheets to save time and keep things consistent.


Integrate Cue Manager with other systems by using our API or Current RMS integrations. More to come!

Access Control

Control who views your projects. Select from internal users or invite guests from outside your company.

Fine-grained user-based roles & permissions

Create simple or highly complex user-based permissions. Every module, every operation is definable.

In-App Support

Chat with us via support ticket directly from inside the app!